Heidi Seitz

Heidi Seitz -


Originally from Michican, Heidi has lived and traveled across the US and Europe, living in California, New York, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, and England. She grew up singing and dancing, which led her to move to California to pursue a career as an entertainer. She performed in shows in California, Las Vegas, New York and also on Princess Cruises. After bilateral hip replacements ended her entertaining career, Heidi came to EPIC PT for her rehabilitation and quickly developed a passion for health and fitness.

Since EPIC PT’s inception, Heidi has worked to help make EPIC a place where patient’s receive compassion, care and  encouragement to achieve their goals in getting back to health and fitness. The opportunity came in 2020 to take ownership of the clinic. Since then, EPIC has grown to have multiple locations in the triangle, helping to better serve our community and it’s ever growing population with unparalleled physical therapy.